Currently we employ 3 electricians, including:

  • Geof:

    The owner, has been wiring and designing systems since 1977. With 38 years of service work, managing projects, and networking with customers he has the experience and knowledge it takes to understand an electrical  problem or project. He is skilled in partnering with the customer for their best interest, and getting the job done.

  • Don:

    Our senior foreman electrician, has wiring skills that are way above 99% of most electricians;  He has experience and training in residential, commercial, industrial, motors, generators, pumps, and HVAC—all along with a military background to bring the best of the electrical industry to your door.

  • Phil:  

    Our journeyman who has a lot of experience in industrial and commercial systems. Phil has been a great addition to GSS. With great customer service along with his obvious skill and dedication to his work, every customer wants him back.

  • Paul:  

    Our residential foreman, has taken charge and showed a passion for the residential field. Paul is a quick learner with experience in residential, commercial, and industrial. With a great eye for understanding your vision, Paul knows how to get what’s in your mind and install it perfectly to your satisfaction.

  • Kyler:

    The man that makes everything work, he fills in every place that is needed including deliveries, hard labor, and mobilization tasks.

  • Mauna:

    The operations assistant who handles many of the management decisions, the office paperwork, helps with estimating, and has sometimes been known to  work on the jobs as a energetic laborer.​

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