Meet the GSS Electric Staff




Master Electrician and Owner has been in the industry since 1977. He
provides marketing, electrical design, implementation, and mentoring to the
team. His passion is in designing a culture in which the team functions in
all types of industry climates.


Co-Owner with a high-level oversight of all company activities,
emphasizing quality control and generating a harmonious balance.




An extraordinary well-organized journeyman who juggles all the projects in all the stages, while selling, installing, and planning for the future. Chris’ strength is the ability to ensure that each project is covered strategically.



Brings years of experience with large and small jobs that have refined his craft in both the mechanical side and the management side of our industry. He is one of those rare craftsmen that can accomplish anything with a personal and professional skill set.



As a growing apprentice, he can operate and repair equipment, troubleshoot wiring, keep up with the journeymen, and never complains. His positivity and dedication are only two of his strengths, he is also perceptive and provides a strong work ethic.



Brings a very hard-working, loyal, and brilliant skill set to GSS. He can solve problems like an engineer. If something needs done, he will be the 1st to tackle it.



Provides GSS Electric the most professional operational and financial experience in the industry. Relocating recently from a multimillion-dollar construction company in Nevada to rugged Montana, she assists in the furtherment of GSS and is on the cutting edge of efficiency, and operations.



Keeps the GSS machine turning. As a dispatcher, office manager, bookkeeper, problem solver, and mom her focus is on keeping tabs on the workflow, ensuring fluidity in our processes so that we can complete our commitments timely and correctly. She offers aptitude in accounting skills, organization, and the ability to learn at a high pace.

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